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In the 90’s the Clinton Administration launched the “President’s Initiative on Race” — an effort to diffuse tensions following the LA riots and OJ Simpson verdict. It was a nationwide program to open dialog and find solutions to the problems that are so sadly left unresolved today.

Unfortunately the final report of the initiative was overshadowed by President Clinton’s personal misconduct. But the work of so many organizations around the country was recognized and compiled into a publication of “promising practices” in 1998.

Among the efforts profiled by the White House was something we as student leaders launched at the…

So I’ve been working from home full time for the last three years. I thought I might provide some tips for those of you experiencing the joys of remote working for the first time during the #covid-19 pandemic crisis:

1. Set up a dedicated workspace. Even if you’re tight on space having a spot dedicated only to work will help create some psychological separation between your work and home environments. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate — a table in the corner of a room might be enough. …

So lots of people ask why I’m now making these super long disclosures on the videos I make. The reason can be best summed up by watching this video:

The tl:dr is that I feel as though influencer marketing is broken. Too many reviewers on YouTube are not disclosing the fact that their videos were sometimes bought and paid for by ad agencies or brands. It’s ok to take advertising and endorse a product, but it’s not ok to hide the fact that compensation and/or free product was sent in exchange for the review. …

I love Day One from Bloom Built — it’s a journaling app for iOS and Mac that got me back into keeping a daily journal of my activities. As much as I love Day One and its developers they appear to hate me and many of their other dedicated users.

A paid 2.0 upgrade of their venerable app was released earlier this week. It offers a bunch of new features including the ability to keep multiple journals (yay!) but removes a key feature, iCloud and Dropbox syncing, in favor of Bloom Built’s own less secure data storage and syncing service.

One of the challenges as a media maker in the 21st century is the lack of a physical firewall between sales and editorial. In my case as a YouTube creator there isn’t even a divider between editorial and janitorial!

Running a small but growing YouTube channel has me frequently taking a step back to ensure I’m not crossing into the “dark side” and violating ethical principals (or the law) when working with brands and their agencies.

Content creators, many of whom did not begin life with a journalism background or ethics training, are hit almost hourly with enticing offers…

Gamers aren’t the only ones dealing with ContentID issues — independent journalists have faced similar problems for years

An automated system that allows copyright holders to flag their content on YouTube ran amok for NASA followers last year as a number of large news agencies claimed public domain NASA footage as their own, forcing the space agency’s videos offline and denying CTTechJunkie.com the ability to earn revenue on its coverage of the Mars rover landing.

The takedowns occurred through YouTube’s copyright identification system called Content ID. Google, YouTube’s parent company, implemented the system in response to concerns (and lawsuits) raised by the entertainment industry over YouTube users uploading copyrighted content to the site. It is able to find…

Agency says it won’t become a regulatory body

NASA officials appear to realize that the space agency’s role may be changing with the arrival of privately operated spacecraft, but they insist they don’t plan to become a regulatory authority for space flight any time soon.

They even suggest that they will not play the role of orbital traffic cop as private spacecraft launches become more common in the years ahead.

Instead, NASA says any regulatory authority on commercial spacecraft will rest with the Federal Aviation Administration—at least for now. The FAA regulates air travel, apparently even if the aircraft is a rocket headed to orbit.

But the question…

Lon Seidman

Owner and talent for Lon.TV — a consumer friendly tech channel on YouTube. Writer for CTTechjunkie.com, & #nasatweetup alum.

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